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Understanding My Bill

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Billing Statement Details

Billing Policy

Grid Access Fee

The grid access fee located on your billing statement is designed to recover EEA's cost of doing business. Grid access fees pay for having facilities available to provide electric service whether the service is used or not, and to help eliminate subsidies. These grid access fees cover operating and capital costs like service drop wire to a home or business and the costs of metering and billing. These are the fixed costs for electric utilities, which is different from the varying costs associated with the use of electricity in the Energy Charge (kilowatt-hour or kWh).

What is a Kilowatt Hour?

Use of electric energy is measured in watts over time. Empire Electric measures each kilowatt hour or 1,000 watts of electricity that is used during a one hour period.  The electricity used is shown on your electric meter as a kilowatt hour. 

Payment Policy

Customers are billed using a five cycle billing system. The bill is payable upon receipt and is due on the date printed on the bill. View our payment options here. 

Late Payment

Bills are considered late if not paid by the billing statement due date. Prior to an account receiving a delinquent fee of $4.00, a courtesy call is generated by our automated calling system to remind consumers their bill may become delinquent.  If the bill is not paid the delinquent charge is added to the account and will reflect on the next month's bill. EEA also notifies members of pending disconnects on their bill statement messaging. If the account remains delinquent, a second courtesy call is generated the day prior to a scheduled disconnect.  It is very important to update your account contact information with a current phone number to ensure you receive an automated call.  To restore service following a disconnect for non-payment, the following charges must be paid in full: the total bill amount and any other related charges, a $20.00 connect fee (if connected during business hours) or a $45.00 connect fee (if connected after business hours, week-ends or holidays). 

Budget Billing

EEA's Budget Billing Plan is available to residential customers and small commercial accounts. Under this one year plan, customers pay equal monthly payments instead of paying higher bills part of the year and lower bills at other times. Any miscellaneous charges will be included in the balance due. Monthly payments are calculated based on one-tenth (1/10) of the electric energy used during the previous twelve month period. For more information or to sign up

Bill Too High?

EEA provides Billing Insights and an Appliance Usage Guide to help customers analyze bills and determine how much electricity their appliances use. EEA's Administration is available to help with billing or other related questions.

Deposits and Fees

Connect Fees for Residential and Commercial Accounts

Connect fees are charged to recover costs of new account setup, labor charges, mileage, etc.

Services connected during normal working hours are charged a $20.00 fee.

Services connected after normal working hours, on weekends, or holidays are charged a $45.00 fee.

Insufficient Check

Pay the check amount plus additional $20.00 charge either in cash or with a money order.

Minimum Billing Deposit for Residential Accounts

$150.00 deposit for gas/electric

$375.00 deposit for all-electric

A qualifying credit check is required for first time residential accounts. EEA will make the determination about deposit requirements after the credit check is completed. This process does not add points to a person's credit score.  A deposit is refundable after a 12-month credit history is established.

In Lieu of Deposit:

 A qualifying 3rd Party Guarantee is acceptable in lieu of a deposit. The Guarantor must have an active account with EEA and needs to contact the main office at 970-565-4444 for eligibility and requirements. Both parties must sign the Guarantee Contract.

A Letter of Credit on a prior utility company's letterhead stating the consumer established credit over the last 12 months and confirmed with a signature of an authorized person employed by the utility.

Minimum Billing Deposit for Commercial Accounts

Commercial, Articles of Incorporation, or Articles of Organization Accounts are required to present a tax payer ID and W-9 Form before service can be connected. Certificates are required for tax-exempt organizations.Contact EEA for required paperwork and other inquiries.

A Bank Letter of Credit can be submitted on EEA's formatted letter in lieu of a deposit.

A Commercial/Large Power deposit is based on a three-month estimated billing.

Additional Billing Deposits on Residential  Commercial Accounts

An additional deposit is required if an account becomes delinquent two times.

New Line Construction

If you need a new or modified electric service , contact our Engineering Department. Your needs will be reviewed and an agreement reached about the kind of power line construction that will be needed. Individual services are tailored to individual needs.

Contact us early with your construction or remodeling plans by calling (970) 564-4455.

Residential Forms

Identity Requirements

The following identification is required to meet federal guidelines in the 2003 Federal Accurate Credit Transactions Red Flag Rules concerning identity theft.

Social Security Number

U.S. Government Issued Photo Identification (Driver's License, Passport, or State ID Card)

Forms Required For Connects:

  • Membership Form
  • Consumer Information Sheet
  • Rental/Lease Agreement for Residential Accounts: A Rental/Lease Agreement is required before service can be connected and must be dated and signed within 60 days of the request for service

Optional Forms:

Authorization for Bank Draft
Credit Card Draft Payment


Empire Electric Association, Inc. By-Laws — Articles of Incorporation

Monthly Automatic Payment Options Offered:

Bank Drafts or Credit Cards 

Landlord Accounts: Automatic Connect Forms are available for landlords to set an account when a renter moves out.

Contract Assumptions:

When purchasing property, contact EEA about an existing contract. If a contract is active on the property, assumption paperwork will need to be completed.

Please call 970-565-4444 or 800-708-3726 for details on setting up a commercial account.

Meter Regulations

Meter Accuracy and Testing

An electric meter is a very accurate recording instrument that measures use of kilowatt hours. Meters are tested before being installed and then tested on a rotating basis to insure accuracy. It is rare that a meter is found to run fast and record an increased usage. Like most other equipment, meters tend to slow with age.

If a customer believes there is a problem with their meter, the Cooperative will test the meter for accuracy. There is no charge for the first test. A service charge of $20.00 is required to conduct a second test within the twelve month period following the first test. If meter accuracy is found to be off by over 2 percent either way, the billing will be adjusted accordingly.

Meter Reading

EEA continues to use employees to manually read our large commercial meters and to periodically inspect and/or test the meter installation and complete a safety inspection.

EEA has incorporated automatic meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) into its communications networks, and data management systems. These meters help the co-op identify the location of outages and respond more rapidly to restore power and provide members more information. EEA recommends that members continue to call in to report outages, to ensure that the systems are working properly. 

The automatic technology enables two-way communication between utilities and customers and results in daily reading and near instantaneous reads on demand. These systems use the electric wires or radio frequency to transmit the meter readings to one of EEA's substations. From there, the meter readings are sent via telephone or radio to the office for processing.  On-site periodic inspection and/or testing of the meter installation and safety inspection will be completed by EEA employees. The AMR and AMI systems have reduced expenses and provide timely, useful information along with the monthly reading.

Estimated Bills

In the rare case EEA is not able to get a monthly meter reading, the bill will be estimated. Upon receipt of an actual meter reading, it is compared with the estimate and adjustments made as needed.

Domestic Animal Policy

If the customer has a protective dog or pet that is in the same area as the electric meter, EEA requests the area be protected with fencing or by leashing the pet. Please help EEA's employees do their jobs safely. Cayenne pepper spray is issued to EEA employees for personal safety and protection.

Meter Tampering

Theft of electricity is a violation of Colorado and Utah State Law and persons found tampering with their electric meter will be assessed a basic $250 fee plus usage and other charges as applicable.  Tampering is a prosecutable offence.

Payment Options

Methods of Payment

EEA offers several options to make paying your electric account more convenient. If you can't find what you're looking for here, please contact our Customer Service Representatives at 970-565-4444.

Electronic Bill Pay Program (EBPP)

Electronic Bill Pay Program (EBPP) allows you to pay on your account online using either a credit card or an e-check. Once registered you will be able to schedule payments, view your payment and usage history, and opt for a paperless billing setting. Click here to access our online bill pay site.

Through the Mail

A postage paid, pre-addressed return envelope is enclosed with the bill for the customer's convenience. Payments sent through the mail should be made by check money order or VISA, Discover, or MasterCard credit cards. Return the bill stub with the payment to insure proper credit to the account. Do not send cash in the mail. Post-dated checks are not accepted and will be returned.

In Person

Bills may be paid in person by cash, check, money order or VISA , Discover, or MasterCard credit cards at the office in Cortez. Office hours are listed at the bottom of this page. A night deposit box is available at the Cortez office for use at any time.

Automatic Debit Payment

This new program allows you to pay your electric bill electronically. If you participate, your bank will automatically withdraw the payment amount from your bank account on the power bill due date. It's that simple -- no hassles, no special trips, no worries about payments arriving on time through the mail.

If it sounds like ADP "Automatic Debit Payment" is for you, just call EEA at (970) 565-4444 and speak with one of the Customer Service Representatives. They will get the paperwork started for you. It will take about 30 days to set up.

Updating Your Account

Keeping Your Account Up-to-Date

Having accurate account information is important. Occasionally, EEA will contact you regarding service in your area, or to notify you of important updates or events. Your phone number is used to locate your account when you use our automated outage reporting system. Please help us keep you informed by updating your contact information. EEA does not share account information with outside third parties.

Update Phone Number on Account

Call our main number at 970-565-4444 to update the phone number on your account.

Name Change/Add Name to Account

To change the name on your account or to add a second name for capital credit purposes, please contact EEA's Customer Service Department at 970-565-4444.

Critical Care Life Support Program

EEA maintains a "critical care" list of members on life support equipment. If you or a member of your family uses life support, contact EEA's headquarters at 801 N. Broadway, Cortez, Colorado, at 970-565-4444 or 800-709-3726.

View a brochure about EEA's Life Support Program.

Please contact EEA's Administration for more information about EEA's Services and Programs, or to schedule a program presentation or service.


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